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Ed Cárdenas, LISW is a native of Taos, New Mexico and has family roots in Río Lucio. He received his Masters degree in social work from the University of Denver where he received the Dorthea Spellman Award for his creativity in working with groups. His graduate emphasis was in working with children, treatment, community service, and social planning. He is a Summa Cum Laude graduate from Metro State College in Denver. Ed was trained as a facilitator trainer at the Grief Education Institute in Colorado. He was also trained as a substance abuse counselor trainer at the Colorado Department of Health and as rehabilitation specialist trainer for staff working with the disabled substance abuser at Washington, DC. He’s a licensed trainer through the New Mexico Therapy and Practice Counseling Board to present continued education to counselors, social workers and other mental health professionals. He has also presented training at the local, national, and at the international level with Mayan populations.

Ed is retired from the Veterans Administration, the University of New Mexico, New Mexico Highlands University and Albuquerque Public Schools. Currently, Ed trains substance abuse and grief counselors and other human service workers (i.e. teachers). He also trains parents on parental skills.

Ed wrote and published the book, Beach Ball - Balancing our Relationship World. He released five of the thirteen LOVITO Series books, stories that build character and life skills for children. Ed has also publishedEl Legado a cultural retrieval novel for teenagers, and is currently in the process of publishing a book called El Libro de Dichos y Consejos, which is an accompanying book to El Legado, and reinforces its concepts.


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El Legado


Ed inherited his love of music from his grandparents. He grew up singing new tunes that would pop into his head. As a counselor, he offered to treat a patient who was suffering, but had no money to pay him. When Ed learned that the patient played guitar, they struck up a deal: Treatment in exchange for music lessons.

Ed writes songs of love and humor inspired by the world around him.